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Brian Arthur Sellick - bibliography

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English anaesthetist, born 1918, Surrey; died July 13, 1996.


  • W. K. Pallister:
    Obituary Brian Arthur Sellick. Anaesthesia. 1996, 51: 1194-1195.
  • David J. Wilkinson:
    Brian A. Sellick, M.B: Father of Cricoid Pressure Maneuver (1918-1996).
    ASA Newsletter, 1999, 63 (9).
    (Newsletter of the American Society of Anesthesiologists)
  • Charles Kite (1768-1811):
    An essay on the recovery of the apparently dead. London: C Dilly, 1788.

  • James Curry:
    Popular observations on apparent death from drowning, suffocation etc. with an account of the means to be employed for recovery. Drawn up at the desire of the Northamptonshire preservative society, by James Curry.
    Northampton, Printed by T. Dicey and Co and sold by W. Birdsall, 1792. "Not merely blowing into the nostril or mouth will do. Air will pass into and distend the stomach. Therefore the second assistant with his right hand to press backwards and draw gently downwards towards the chest the upper part of the wind-pipe, that part which lies a little below the chin which from its prominence in men is vulgarly called Adam's Apple; by doing this the Gullet will be completely stopped up whilst the windpipe will be rendered more open to let air pass freely into the lungs."

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