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Jacques Mathieu Delpech - bibliography

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French anatomist and surgeon, born 1777, Toulouse; died October 28, 1832, Montpellier.


  • Possibilité et degrés de l’utilité de la symphyseotomie. Montpellier, 1801.
  • Réflexions sur les causes de l’anévrisme spontané. Paris, 1813.
  • Recherches sur les difficultés du diagnostic de l’anévrisme. Paris, 1813
  • Mémoire sur la complication des plaies et des ulcères connue sous le nom de pourriture d’hopital. 1815.
  • Précis élémentaire des maladies réputées chirurgicales. 3 volumes, 1816.
  • Considérations sur la difformité appelée pied-bots.
    In his: Chirurgie clinique de Montpellier. Paris, 1823, 1: 147-231.
    In this work Delpech described the beneficial effect of section of the tendo Achillis for club-foot; he performed the operation on May 9, 1816, and although not first to do so, he was the first to demonstrate the value of tonotomy in the correction of contracture deformities of the extremities.
  • Chirurgie clinique de Montpellier. 2 volumes. Paris, Gabon, 1823-1828.
    The first account of rhinolasty in France. On June 4, 1823, Delpech peformed the first of six cases of rhinoplasty by the Indian forehead flap method, and one (usuccessful) with a flap from the arm following Carl Ferdinand von Graefe (1787-1840). Delpech also was the first to restore the lower lip by means of a skin graft from the throat.
  • De l’orthomorphie par rapport à l´espèce humaine.
    2 volumes with atlas. Paris, Gabon, 1828.
    Delpech published a comprehensive treatise om deformities of the bones and joints. He established the tuberculous nature of Pott's disease. Delpech did more than any other man toward the development of orthopaedics in France.
  • Étude du cholera-morbus en Angleterre en en Écosse pendant les mois de Janvier et Fevrier 1832. 1832.
  • Anon:
    Rhinoplastic operation, performed with success at the Hospital St. Eloi de Montpellier by Professor Jacques-Mathieu Delpech.
    Reprinted from Lancet, 4: 123, July 24, 1824.
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, September 1969, 44 (3): 285-287.

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