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Louis Charles Alfred de Musset - bibliography

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French Romantic poet and playwright, born December 11, 1810, Paris; died May 2, 1857, Paris.


  • Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie ("Stories of Spain and of Italy"). 1830.
  • La Nuit vénitienne ("The Venetian Night"), 1830. This play was a failure.
  • Lorenzaccio. 1834. A tragedy based on the murder of the Florentine tyrant Alessandro de'Medici by his cousin Lorenzo, known as Lorenzaccio.
  • Il ne faut jurer de rien ("It Isn't Necessary to Promise Anything"). 1836.
  • La Nuit d'octobre ("The October Night"). Poems, (1837.
  • Lettres de Dupuis et Cotonet. 1836-1837.
    A brilliant and illuminating satire of the literary fashions of the day.
  • Paul de Musset:
    Biographie de Alfred de Musset, sa vie et ses oeuvres par Paul de Musset, avec fragments inédits en prose et en vers et lettres inédites.
    Paris, A. Lemerre (G. Charpentier?), 1877. 371 pages.

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