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William Holme Van Buren - bibliography

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American surgeon, born April 5, 1819, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died March 25, 1883, New York City.


  • Contributions to practical surgery. New York, 1865.
  • Enlargement of the prostate. The Medical Record, New York, 1866.
  • Clinical lectures on traumatic stricture. The Medical Record, New York, 1866.
  • On Chronic urethral discharges. The Medical Record, New York, 1866.
  • Lectures on diseases of the rectum. New York, 1870.
  • A practical treatise on the surgical diseases of the genito-urinary organs, including syphilis, with engravings and cases.
    With Edward Lawrence Keyes (1843-1924). New York, 1874.
  • A novel disease of the penis. New York Medical Journal, 1874.
  • On lithotrity by a single operation with cases. The Medical Record, New York, 1878.
  • Is there an “American method” of treating fractures of the thigh?
    The Medical Record, New York, 1878.
  • Lectures on abscess in the neighbourhood of the anus and rectum.
    The Medical Record, New York, 1878.
  • Exstirpatio recti (Volkmann) for cancer, with cases.
    The Medical Record, New York, 1878.
  • On rapid lithotripy with evacuation; litholapaxy of Bigelow.
    The Medical Record, New York, 1879.
  • Lectures upon diseases of the rectum and the surgery of the lower bowel.
    London, 1881.
    Works referred to:
  • Compendium of Human Histology. Edited and translated by W. H. Van Buren.
    New York: Baillière Brothers, 1861. ii + 207 pages.
    First English translation of Charles Morel's Précis d'histologie humaine, Paris, 1860.
  • Illustrated Manual of Operative Surgery and Surgical Anatomy.
    New York, 1855. Reprinted 1991.
    Translation with notes and additions by Van Buren and Charles Edward Isaacs (1811-1860) of:
    Claude Bernard (1813-1878) and Charles Huette: Précis iconographique de médecine opératoire et d'anatomie chirurgicale. Paris: Crapelet & H. Lahure for Méquignon-Marvis, 1848.
    This illustrated textbook of surgery was reprinted as late as 1873 and translated into English, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish. The edition most commonly referred to is that of 1856.

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