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Russian anatomist and surgeon, born November [10] 25, 1810, Moscow; died December 5, 1881, Vishnya, Ukraine. Name also spelled Nicholas and Pirogoff. German spelling: Nikolai Iwanowitsch Pirogow.


  • Num vinctura aortae abdominalis in aneurysmate inguinali adhibita facile ac tutum sit remedium. Doctoral thesis, Dorpat, 1832.
  • Anatomia chrirugica truncorum arteriarum atque fasciarum fibrosarum.
    Dorpat and Reval, 1837-1840. Atlas with Latin and German text.
  • Ueber die Durchschneidung der Achillessehne als operativ-orthopädisches Heilmittel. Dorpat, 1840, 1870.
  • Nouveau procédé pour produire, au moyen de la vapeur d'éther, l'insensibilité chez les individus soumis à des opérations chirurgicales.
    Comptes rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, Paris, 1847, 24: 789.
  • Recherches pratiques et physiologiques sur l’éthérisation.
    St. Petersburg, Imprimérie Française, 1847.
    With the Scottish surgeon James Syme (1799-1870), Pirogov was the first in Europe to adopt ether anaesthesia.
  • On the use of ether in the performance of surgical operations.
    London and Edinburgh Monthly Journal of Medical Science, 1847-1848, 8: 73-76.
  • Anatomie pathologique du choléra morbus.
    St. Petersburg, 1849. With Atlas.
  • Rapport médical d’un voyage en Caucase contenant la statistique comparative des amputations. St. Petersburg, 1849.
  • Klinische Chirurgie. Eine Sammlung von Monographien.
    3 parts. Leipzig, Breitkopf u. Härtel, 1851-1854.
    This edition in German predates the first edition in Russian.
  • Der Gypsklebeverband bei einfachen und complicirten Knochenbrüchen und in seiner Anwendung beim Transport Verwundeter und auf dem Schlachtfelde.
    Leipzig, 1854.
  • Osteoplastische Verlängerung der Unterschenkelknochen bei der Exarticulation des Fusses.
    Leipzig, 1854. In this book he mentions the exarticulatio pedis that bears his name.
  • Betrachtungen über die Schwierigkeiten der chirurgischen Diagnose und über das Glück in der Chirurgie. Leipzig, 1854.
  • Statistischer Bericht über alle meine im Verlaufe eines Jahres daselbst 1852-53 beobachteten Operationsfälle. Leipzig, 1854.
  • Anatomia topographica sectionibus per corpus humanum congelatum triplici directione ductis illustrata.
    8 parts. 5 volumes. Petropoli, J. Trey, 1852-1859.
    First publication on the technique of frozen sections.
    This work on topographical anatomy laid a firm foundation for that field as a special area of science having great practical significance for surgery. Pirogov used the same freezing technique employed by Pieter de Riemer, but he was unaware of the latter's priority. Assuming that he was the innovator, he states in his introduction that, "Nobody before me, as far as I know, has ever proposed or employed a method by which the human body could be cut like wood into thin sections."
  • Grundzüge der allgemeinen Kriegschirurgie. Leipzig, 1864.
    Translated into Russian as Nachala obshchey voennopolevoy khirurgii [The Principles of General Military Field Surgery].
    2 volumes. Dresden, 1865-1866.
  • Bericht über die Besichtigung der Militär-Sanitätsanstalten in Deutschland, Lothringen-Elsass 1870. Leipzig, 1871.
  • Izbrannye pedagogichsekie sochinenia [Selected Pedagogical Works].
    Moscow, 1953.
  • Sobranie sochiney [Collected Works]. 8 volumes. Moscow, 1957-1962.
  • Pieter de Riemer (1760-1831):
    Afbeeldingen van de juiste plaatsing de inwendige deelen van het menschelijk ligchaam.
    's-Gravenhage, J. Allart, 1818.
    First use of anatomical sections for anatomical illustration. De Riemer appears to have been the first to freeze tissues in order to permit fine sectioning.
  • N. N. Burdenko:
    I. Pirogov - osnovopolozhnik voenno-polevoy khirurgii [N. I. Pirogov - Founder of Military Surgey].
    In Pirogov's Nachala obshchey voenno-polevoy khirurgii [Beginning of General Military Field Surgery]. I Moscow, 1941, pp 9-42.
  • Y. I Smirnov:
    I. Pirogov. Moscow, 1960.
  • N. Maksimenkov:
    I. Pirogov. Leningrad, 1961.
  • G. Rufanov:
    I. Pirogov - veliky russky khirurg i ucheny [N. I. Pirogov - Great Russian Surgeon and Scientist"]. Moscow, 1956.
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