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Hungarian-American physician, born 1898, Bestereze, Hungary; died 1942.


  • Studies in the velocity of blood flow. Written with Hermann Ludwig Blumgart (1895-1977).
    Journal of Clinical Investigation, New York, 1927, 4: 1-13, 15-31, 149-171, 173-197, 199-209, 389-425, 555-574.
    First practical method of measuring circulation in time.
  • The velocity of blood flow in health and disease as measured by the effect of histamine on the minute vessels.
    Written with G. P. Robb and H. L. Blumgart.
    American Heart Journal, St. Louis, 1929, 4: 664-691.
  • Hemorrhages from lacerations of the cardiac orifice of the stomach due to vomiting.
    Written with G. Kenneth Mallory. Mallory-Weiss syndrome.
    American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Thorofare, N.J., 1929, 178: 506-15.
  • The carotid sinus reflex in health and disease. Its rĂ´le in the causation of fainting and convulsions.
    Written with James Porter Parker.
    Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, 1933, 12: 297-354.
  • Preeclamptic and Eclamptic Toxemia of Pregnancy.
    Written with Lewis dexter. 415 pp. Williams Wilkins, 1941.

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