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American surgeon, born December 25, 1848, New York City; died February 6, 1906, Albany, New York.


  • Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on First Aids to the Injured. 1887.
  • A case of thoracoplasty for the removal of a large cicatricial fibrous growth from the interior of the chest, the result of an old empyema.
    The Medical Record, New York, 1893, 44: 838-839.
    First thoracoplasty.
  • A Treatise of Appendicitis. Philadelphia, 1894.
    The first American work to deal exclusively with appendicitis.
  • Diffuse septic peritonitis, with special reference to a new method of treatment, namely, the elevated head and trunk posture, to facilitate drainage into the pelvis, with a report of nine consecutive cases of recovery.
    The Medical Record, New York, 1900, 57: 617-623, 1029-1031.
  • The Operating Room and the Patient. 1906.
  • A treatise on surgery. 2 volumes. Posthumous, Philadelphia, 1906.

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