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American physician, born December 30, 1869, Boston; died 1940.


  • A Study in Hospital Efficiency. Boston : Privately printed, 1916.
    Pioneer application of efficiency engineering principles to hospital administration, made over a five year period.
  • Bone Sarcoma, an Interpretation of the Nomenclature Used by the Committee of the Registry of Bone Sarcoma of the American College of Surgeons.
    New York : P. B. Hoeber, 1925.
  • The Shoulder: Rupture of the Supraspinatus Tendon and Other Lesions in or about the Subacromial Bursa.
    Boston : Privately printed, 1934. Reprint, Malabar, Florida : Krieger, 1965.
  • Sir Thomas Percival (1740-1804):
    Medical ethics; or, a code of institutes adapted to the professional conduct of physicians and surgeons, in hospital praxis in relation to apothecaries and in cases which may require a knowledge of law.
    Manchester : printed by S. Russel for J. Johnson and R. Bickerstaff, London, 1803.
    First printed for private circulation 1803.
    An edition of the book published in 1927 was reprinted in 1975.

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