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Russian (Yermenian) physiologist, born July 7, 1882, Tsakhkadzor, Yermenia, Russia; died December 9, 1958, Leningrad, U.S.S.R.


  • Uslovnye reflexy s glaza u sobaky. Dissertacia. St Petersburg, 1908.
    "Conditioned Reflexes of the Eye in Dogs. In his dissertattion, Orbeli showed that a change in the intensity of light could serve as a conditioned stimulus for a dog, even though the dog could not distinguish the color.
  • O mechanyzme vozniknovenia spinnomozgovych koordinatsyi.
    Izvestiia Nauch In PF Lesgafta 1923, 6: 202.
  • Obzor uchenia o sympatycheskoi innervatsyii skeletnych myshc, organov chuvstv i centralnoi nervnoi systemy.
    Physiol Zhurn SSSR 1932, 15 (1-2): 1.
  • Lectsyii po fiziologyii nervnoi systemy.
    Leningrad-Moskva, 1934; Leningrad, 1935 and Leningrad-Moskva, 1938.
  • Nekotorye osnovnye voprosi problemy boly.
    In: O. S. Fridman, editor: Sovetskaia nevropsykhiatrya. Leningrad, 1938: 5.
  • Novye predstavlenya o functsyii mozzhechka.
    Uspechi sovremennoj biologii, 1940, 13 (2): 207. Evolyucionnyi printsyp v primenenyii k phyziologyii centralynoi nervnoi systemy.
    Uspechi sovremennoj biologii, 1942, 15 (6): 257.
  • Lectsyii po voprosam vysshei nervnoi deyatelnosty. Moskva-Leningrad, 1945.
  • Voprosy vysshei nervnoi deyatelnosty. Moskva-Leningrad, 1949.
  • [Basic Problemss and Methods of Evolutionary Physiology]. 1956.
  • Osnovnye zadachy i metody evolyutsyonnoi physiologyii.
    In: D. A. Byryukov, editor: Evolyutsya functsyi nervnogo systemy. Leningrad, 1958: 7.
  • Izbrannye trudy [Selected Works]. 5 volumes, Moscow-Leningrad, 1961-1968.
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