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German bacteriologist and hygienist, born March 12, 1855, Kiel; died February 4, 1915, Göttingen.


  • Hygienisches Taschenbuch.
    Berlin, 1896. 5th edition published by Hans Reichenbach (born 1864), 1930.
  • Die Tageshelligkeiten in Göttingen im Jahre 1906.
    Zeitschrift für Hygiene und Infektionskrankheiten, 1908, 58: 14-25.
    [On the daylight in Göttingen in the year 1906]
    On the effect of sunlight on health. For this work Esmarch made an instrument "for the registration of sunlight". According to Esmarch there were only 1080 hours of sunlight in Göttingen in 1906, still better than the annual average for London, which was 1026 hours.
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