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Ettore Marchiafava - bibliography

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Italian physician, pathologist, and neurologist, born January 3, 1847, Rome; died 1935, Rome.


  • Nuovi studî sulla natura della malaria. With G. Cuboni. Rome, 1881.
  • Weitere Untersuchungen über die Malariainfection. With Angelo Celli.
    Fortschritte der Medicin, München, 1885, 3: 787-806.
    First accurate description of the malaria Plasmodium discovered by Laveran in 1880. These writers were the first to adopt the name P. marlariae.
  • Sul parasita delle febbre gravi estivo-autunnali. Rome, 1889.
  • Über die Malariafieber Roms. With Angelo Celli. Berlin, 1890.
  • Sulle febbre malariche estivo-automnali.
    With Amico Bignami. Rome, E. Loescher, 1892.
    A summary of the Italian work on malaria. Translated into English in 1894.
  • La infezione malarica.With Amico Bignami.
    Milano, 1903; 2nd edition, 1931.
    Ettore Marchiafava and Amico Bignami studied "aestivoautomnal" (malignant tertian) fevers and showed that it was a third plasmodium that caused these fevers. It is this parasite that causes infections which can often be fatal.
  • La perniciositè della malaria. Rome, 1928.
  • La credità in patologia. Torino, 1930. Biographies etc:
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