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Pierre Marie Félix Janet - bibliography

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French physician, psychiatrist, and philosopher, born May 30, 1859, Paris; died February 24, 1947, Paris.


  • L'automatisme psychologique.
    Thesis for doctor of philosophy. Paris, Félix Alcan, 1889.
  • L'état mental des hystériques. 1892.
    English translation:
    The Mental State of Hystericals. A Study of Mental Stigmata and Mental Accidents.
    New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1901.
  • Névroses et idées fixes. With Fulgence Raymond (1844-1898).
    2 volumes; Paris, 1898; 3rd edition, 1924.
  • Les obsessions et la psychasthénie.
    2 volumes, Paris, F. Alcan, 1903; 1st volume, 3rd edition, 1919.
    Volume 2 written with Fulgence Raymond.
    In this work Janet first described bulimia in medical terms.
  • Les névroses. Paris, 1909.
  • Les medications psychologiques.
    3 volumes; Paris, 1919; 2nd edition, 1925-1928.
  • De l’angoisse à l’extase. 2 volumes; Paris, 1919-1920.
  • La médecine psychologique. Paris, E. Flammarion, 1923.
    Janet's summary of his work with hypnosis, including one of the most detailed histories of hypnosis available. English translation as Psychological Healing, 2 volumes, 1925.
  • La pensée intérieure et ses troubles. Paris, 1927.
  • L’évolution de la mémoire et de la notion du temps. Paris, 1928.
  • Cours sur l’évolution de la personnalité. Paris, 1929.
  • Cours sur la faiblesse et la force psychologique. Paris, 1930.
  • L’amour et la haine. Paris, 1930. Janet's autobiography is in: In C. Murchison, editor: History of psychology in autobiography. Volume 1: 123-133. Worcester, MA: Clark University Press.

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