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Henry Robert Silvester - bibliography

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English physician, born 1829, London; died March 1908.


  • The discovery of the physiological method of inducing respiration in cases of apparent death from drowning, chloroform, still birth etc.
    London, 1858; 3rd edition in 1863 with his description of the procedure named for him for artificial reliving people apparently dead.
  • A new method of resuscitating still-born children, and for restoring persons apparently drowned or dead. British Medical Journal, 1858: 576-579.
  • Physiological method of treating incipient consumption.
  • The discovery of the nature of the spleen from an investigation of the lateral homologies of the liver, stomach, and alimentary canal. 1870.
  • Contributions to the science of teratology. Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, London.
  • A new method of inducing respiration in asphyxia by mechanically bringing into action the muscles of respiration, with successful cases.
    Medical Times and Gazette, London; British Medical Journal, London.

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