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British surgeon, born February 2, 1838, Newcastle-on-Tyne; died December 20, 1907.


  • On the injuries and diseases of the hip-joint. (1860's).
  • On the malformations, diseases and injuries of the fingers and toes, and their surgical treatment.
    The Jackson prize essay for the year 1864. 292 pages, 12 pl. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1866.
  • Surgical appliances and minor operative surgery.
    246 pages. Edinburgh, Maclachlan & Stewart, 1866.
  • Abstracts of surgical principles on tumours.
    6 leaflets 1868-1870.
  • Fatty hernia. British Medical Journal, London, 1870.
  • Case in which an intestinal obstruction was removed by the operation of gastrotomy.
    Edinburgh Medical Journal, 1870-1871, 16: 700-704.
  • Clinical surgical letters. British Medical Journal, London, 1874.
  • An operation for displaced semilunar cartilage.
    British Medical Journal, London, 1885, 1: 779.
    The first deliberate and planned operation for the relief of internal derangement of the knee-joint caused by a displaced cartilage.

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