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French surgeon, born October 12, 1879, Roanne, Loire; died December 28, 1955, Cassis, near Marseille.


  • De la causalgie envisagée comme une névrite du sympathique et de son traitement par la dénudation et l'excision des plexus nerveux périarteriels.
    La presse médicale, 1916, 24: 178-280. Periarterial sympathectomy.
  • Traitement des fractures de guerre. Paris, 1916-1917. Translated into English.
  • Traité de thérapeutique chirurgicale. With Paul Lecène (1878-1929). Paris, 1926.
  • Les problèmes de la physiologie normale et pathologique des os.
    With Albert Policard (born 1881). Paris, 1926.
  • Physiologie pathologique chirurgicale. With Albert Policard. Paris, 1929.
  • Arterectomy. With René Fontaine and S. M. Dupertuis.
    Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Chicago, 1937, 64: 149-155.
    Arterectomy in arterial thrombosis.
  • Techniques des diverses sympathectomies lombaires.
    With René Fontaine. La presse médicale, Paris, 1933, 41: 1819-1822.
    Lumbar sympathectomy by the antero-lateral extraperitoneal approach.
  • La Chirurgie de la Douleur. Paris: Masson, 1937.
    English translation by Archibald Young (1873-1939), Regius professor of surgery at the University of Glasgow: The surgery of pain. Baltimore 1939.
    The book went through three editions and was translated into several foreign languages. Biographical etc:
  • Nissen:
    Zum Gedenken an René Leriche.
    Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, 1956, 81: 476-477.
  • Bruno Halioua:
    Does Rene Leriche merit eponymous distinction?
    International Journal of Cardiology, February 20, 2008, 124 (1): 1-5.

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