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Alexis Yakovlievich Kozhevnikov - bibliography

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Russian neurologist and psychiatrist, born 1836, Ryazan; died January 10/23, 1902, Moscow. The name has also been spelled Kochewnikow, Koschewnikoff, Koschewnikow, Kojewnikoff.


  • Bolezn, opysannaia Diushenom pod imenom Ataxie locomotrice progressive.
    Dissertacia. Moscow, 1865.
  • Afazia i centralnii organ rechi. Moscow, 1874.
  • Nervnie bolezni i psykhiatriii. Moscow, 1883.
  • Sluchai amiotrophycheskogo sclerosa. Bestn Klin Sud Psikh Nevropat 1885,11:174.
  • Ophtalmoplegia nuclearis. Medisinskoe Obozrainie, 1887, 27 (2-3): 148.
  • Kurs nervnych boleznei. Moscow, 1889, 1892 etc.
  • Ob alkogolnom paralyche (paralysis alcocholica). Sankt Peterburg, 1891.
  • Latyrism - bolezn, obuslovennaia upotrebleniem v pyscu goroha lathyrus.
    Sankt Peterburg, 1894.
  • Osobii vid corticalnoi epilepsii. Medisinskoe Obozrainie, 1894, 42 (14): 97.
  • O vlianii psychicheskoi deiatelnosty na nervnie bolezni.
    Otchot o sost. imp. Mosk. un-ty za 1894. g. Moskva, 1895:1.
  • Eine besondere form von corticaler epilepsie.
    Neurologisches Centralblatt, 1895, 14: 47. Kozhevnikov was an editor of Korsakov's Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikhiatri. This bibliography was submitted by Zoran Bojanic, M.D., Serbia.

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