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Vasily Isayevich Isayev - bibliography

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Russian microbiologist and epidemiologist, 1854-1911. Name also written Vassilii Issaevicj Issaev. German spelling of Issaev is Issaeff.


  • K voprosu ob izmeneniach kishecnych ganglii pri tuberculeze i nekotorych drugych zabolevanii. Dissertacia, Sanct Peterburg, 1887.
  • Teoria attenuiruiuscego deistvia sokov organizma.
    Med privbavl k mor sb, mai, 1893: 339.
  • Ob isskustvenom immunitete protiv pnevmokokka krupoznogo vospalenia legkiych. Med privbavl k mor sb, iun, 1893: 387
  • Ob immunizacii morskych svinok protiv vibriona Ivanova.
    Med privbavl k mor sb, august, 1894: 103.
  • Untersuchungen uber die künstliche Immunität gegen Cholera.
    Zeitschrift für Hygiene und Infektionskrankheiten, Leipzig, 1894, 16:287.
  • Sbornik rabot po chume. Glavn vrach insp, Sanct Peterburg, 1907.

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