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American bacteriologist, born March 14, 1873, Fredericksburg, Virginia; died September 29, 1958.


  • M. J. Rosenau and J. Anderson:
    A study of the cause of sudden death following the injection of horse serum.
    Washington, Govt. Printing Office, 1906.
    Forms Bulletin No. 29 of the Hygienic Laboratory, U. S. Marine Hospital Service. Rosenau and Anderson drew attention to the fact that animals receiving an injection of a foreign protein became sensitive to a second dose of the same protein. This reaction is similar to the anaphylaxis of Charles Robert Richet and the Theobald Smith phenomenon. See Richet’s phenomenon under Charles Robert Richet, 1850-1935, and Theobald Smith’s phenomenon, under Theobald Smith, American pathologist, 1859-1934.
  • J. F. Anderson, J. Goldberger:
    Experimental measles in the monkey.
    Public Health Reports, Washington, 1911, 26: 847-848, 887-895.
  • J. F. Anderson:
    Typhus fever. Its etiology and the methods of its prevention.
    Public Health Reports, Washington, 1915, 30: 1303-1311.

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