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American surgeon, born April 5, 1899, Culloden, Georgia; died September 15, 1964, Baltimore.


  • Mechanism and treatment of experimental shock. I. Shock following hemorrhage.
    Archives of Surgery, Chicago, 1927, 15: 762-798.
  • Experimental shock. The cause of the low blood pressure produced by muscle injury.
    Archives of Surgery, Chicago, 1930, 20: 959-996.
    Blalock demonstrated that surgical shock is not due to the elaboration of toxins nor to reflex neurologic mechanisms, but to decrease in circulating the blood volume.
  • Allen, J. Garrott:
    Alfred Blalock and Our Heritage.
    Archives of Surgery, Chicago, 1964, 89 (November): 929-931.
  • A. Blalock, M. F. Mason, H. J. Morgan, S. S. Riven:
    Myasthenia gravis and tumors of the thymic region.
    Annals of Surgery, Philadelphia, 1939, 110: 544-561.
    Report of a case in which the tumor was removed.
    First deliberate treatment of myasthenia gravis by thymectomy.
  • A. Blalock:
    The Papers of Alfred Blalock.
    2 volumes. Edited by Mark M. Ravitch. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1966.
  • A. Blalock:
    Reminiscence: Shock after Thirty-Four Years.
    Review of Surgery, Philadelphia, 1964, 21: 231-234.

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