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Marcel Emile Joseph Lermoyez - bibliography

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French otolaryngologist, born July 24, 1858, Cambrai, Nord; died February 1, 1929, Paris.


  • Physiologie de la voix et du chaut.
    [Physiology of the Voice of the Song and the Health of the Singer].
    With Achille Gouguenheim (1839-1901). Paris, 1885. Translated into Russian.

  • Etude expérimentale sur la phonation. Paris, 1886.

  • Rhinologie, otologie, laryngologie. Enseignement et pratique de la Faculté de Médecine de Vienne. Paris, 1894.
    [Otolaryngo-rhinology - the teaching and practice of the Faculty of Medicine in Vienna]
    This book was important in the founding of the French School of Otolaryngology and is reckoned as an important work in the history of medicine in Vienna.

  • Thérapeutiques des maladies des fosses nasales. Paris, 1896.

  • Thérapeutiques des maladies de l'oreille. With Maurice Boulay. Paris, 1901.

  • Notions pratiques d'électricité à l'usage des médecins.Paris, 1913.

  • Clinique et thérapeutique des affections de l'oreille.
    With Maurice Boulay and Albert Hautant (1877-1947). Paris, 1921.

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