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Bernardo Alberto Houssay - bibliography

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Argentine physiologist, born April 10, 1887, Buenos Aires; died September 21, 1971, Buenos Aires.


  • Estudios sobre la acción de los extractos hipofisarios. Ensay sobre la la fisología de lóbulo posterior de la hipófisis. Doctoral dissertation. Buenos Aires, 1911.
  • L a acción fisiológica de los extractos hipofiasrios. Bueonos Aires, 1918.
  • Tiroides e immunidad, estudio critico y experimental .
    Written with Alfredo Sordelli (1891–). Buenos Aires, 1924.
  • Acción de las tiroides sobre et metabolismo de los hidratos de carboni y en la diabetes. Buenos Aires, 1945. Durham lectures, Harvard University, 1935:
  • What We have Learned from the Toad Concerning Hypophyseal Functions.
    New England Journal of Medicine, Boston, 1936, 214: 913-926.
  • The Hypophysis and Metabolism.
    New England Journal of Medicine, Boston, 1936, 214: 961-971.
  • Carbohydrate metabolism.
    New England Journal of Medicine, Boston, 1936, 214: 971-986.
    These papers were reprinted with four additional talks as the a book:
  • Functions of the pituitary gland. Boston, 1936.
  • Secreción hypertensora del rinón isquemiada. With Juan Carlos Fasciolo (1911–).
    Houssay and Fasciolo transplanted an ischaemic kidney into an animal from which both kidneys had been removed. Hypertensio resultaed after establishment of circulation, supporting the view that hypertension is due to a chemical substance with pressor action produced in the ischaemic kidney. They later showed that the ischaemic kidneys of hypertensive dogs contained an excess of rening.
    See also Boletin de la Academia nacional de medicina de Buenos Aires, 1937, 34: 342.
    The Journal of Physiology, London, 1938, 94: 281.
  • Advancement of Knowledge of the Role of the Hypophysis in Carbohydrate Metabolism During the last Twenty-Five Years.
    Endocrinology, Baltimore, 1942; 30: 884-897.
  • The Hypophysis and Secretion of Insulin.
    Journal of Experimental Medicine, New York, 1942, 75: 547-566.
  • Escritos y discursos. Buenos Aires, 1942.
    A collection of his earlier writings and speeches on various subjects.
  • The Role of the Hypophysis in Carbohydrate Metabolism and in Diabetes.
    Nobel Prize lecture delivered in Stockholm on December 12, 1947, in English, and reprinted in Nobel Foundation, Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine. New York, 1964: 210-217.
  • Fisiologia humana. Buenos Aires, 1950. Written with some disciples.

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