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American surgeon, born November 11, 1864, near Chili, Ohio; died January 7, 1943.


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  • An Experimental and Clinical Research into Certain Problems Relating to Surgical Operations. Philadelphia, 1901. Contains: "On the Physiological Action of Cocain and Eucain when Injected into Tissues"; pp 88-163 (anaesthetic blocking og nerve trunks).
  • Blood Pressure in Surgery. An experimental and Clinical Research.
    The Cartwright prize essay for 1903.
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  • Bipolar Theory of Living Processes. New York, 1925.
  • Problems in Surgery. Philadelphia and London, 1928.
  • Diseases Peculiar to Civilized Man. 1934.
  • Phenomena of Life. 1936.
  • Intelligence, Power, and Personality. 1941.
  • George Crile. An Autobiography. Edited By Grace Crile.
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  • P. C. English:
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  • lRobert E. Hermann:
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