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American anatomist and physiologist, born May 2, 1892, Canyon City, Colorado; died February 3, 1943, New Haven, Connecticut.


    E. V. Allen:
  • The Estrous Cycle in the Mouse.
    Doctoral dissertation.
    American Journal of Anatomy, New York, 1922, 30: 297.
  • Ovogenesis During Sexual Maturity.
    American Journal of Anatomy, New York, 1923, 31: 439.
  • Sex and internal secretions; a survey of recent research.
    Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins, 1932. 2nd edition, with Charles Haskell Danforth (born 1883) and E. A. Doisy, 1939. 1346 pages. E. V.Alle and E. A. Doisy:
  • An Ovarian Hormone. Preliminary report of its Localisation, Extraction and Partial Purification and Action in Test Animals.
    Journal of the American Medical Association, 1923, 81: 819-821.
  • Isolation of the active principle of the ovarian hormone (oestrin).
    More detailed report in Journal of Biological Chemistry, Baltimore, 1924, 61: 711-723.
  • The Hormone of the Ovarian Follicle; Its Localization and Action in Test Animals, and Additional Points Bearing Upon the Internal Secretion of the Ovary.
    American Journal of Anatomy, 1924, 34: 133.
  • The Induction of a Sexually Mature Condition in Immature Females by Injection of the Ovarian Follicular Hormone.
    American Journal of Physiology, Bethesda MD, 1924, 69: 577-588.
    Test for recognition of the oestrus hormone.
  • The menstrual cycle of the monkey, Macacus rhesus. Observations of normal animals, the effects of removal of the ovaries and the effects of injection of ovarian and placental extracts into the spayed animals.
    Contributions to Embryology, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1927, 19: 1-44.

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