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British physiologist, born 1835, Norwich; died October 14, 1910, Lastingham, Yorkshire.


Most of Ringer’s physiological papers were published in the early volumes of the Journal of Physiology.
  • On the Temperature of the Body as a Means of Diagnosis in Phthisis and Tuberculosis. 1865.
  • Handbook of therapeutics. London, 1869; 13th edition, 1898.
  • Regarding the action of hydrate of soda, hydrate of ammonia, and hydrate of potash on the ventricle of the frog’s heart.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1880-1882, 3: 195-202.
  • Regarding the Action of Hydrate of Soda, Hydrate of Ammonia, and Hydrate of Potash on the Ventricle of the Frog’s Heart.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1880, 3: 195-202.
  • Concerning the Influence Exerted by Each of the Constituents of the Blood on the Contraction of the Ventricle.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1880-1882, 3: 380-393.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1883-1884, 4: 29-42, 222-225.
  • The Influence of Saline Media on Fishes.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1883-1884, 4: vi-viii.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1884-1885, 5: 87-115.
  • On the Mutual Antagonism Between Lime and Potash Salts in Toxic Doses.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1884-1885, 5: 247-254.
  • Concerning the Action of Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium Salts Upon the Eel’s Heart and Upon the Skeletal Muscles of the Frog.
    With Dudley Buxton. Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1887, 8: 15-19.
  • Upon the Similarity and Dissimilarity of the Behaviour of Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle When Brought Into Relation With Solutions Containing Sodium, Calcium and Potassium Salts.
    With Dudley Buxton. Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1887, 8: 288-295.
  • On the Influence of Certain Salts Upon the Act of Clotting.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1890, 11: i-ii, 369-383.
    His major paper on calcium and blood clotting.
  • Further Observations Regarding the Antagonism Between Calcium Salts and Sodium, Potassium and Ammonium Salts.
    Journal of Physiology, Cambridge, 1895, 18: 425-429.
  • W. G. Nayler:
    Sydney Ringer–Physician and Scientist.
    Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, London, 1984, 16, 113-116.
  • C. H. Orchard, D. A. Eisner, and D. G. Allen:
    Sydney Ringer viewed in a new light.
    Cardiovascular Research, London, 1994, 28: 1765-1768. Obituaries:
    Lancet, London, 1910; 2: 1386-1387. (OKK).
    British Medical Journal, London, 1910; 2: 1384-1386.
    Proceedings of the Royal Society, 1912; 84B, I-III..
    Biochemical Journal, Liverpool, 1910-1911; 5: I-XIX. (B. Moore).

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