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Scottish obstetrician, born 1697, Lanark, Southern Scotland; died March 5, 1763, Lanark.


  • A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery.
    3 volumes; London, D. Wilson, 1752.
    Edinburgh, 1780. German translation, Altenburg, 1755-1770, 1775. 3 volumes, London, New Sydenham Society, 1876.
    French, Paris, 1754, 1771.
    Dutch, Amsterdam, 1765. 1876-1878 published by A. McClintock.
  • A collection of cases and observations in midwifery.
    London, 1754. 2nd edition, 1758; 3rd edition, 1764; 6th edition, 1776; 7th edition, 1779; French translation, Paris 1756; German, Altenburg, 1763; Dutch, Amsterdam, 1766. First of two volumes on his collections of observations. Second volume is the next.
  • A collection of preteronatural cases and observations in midwifery.
    London, 1764. 2nd edition, 1779; French translation, Paris, 1765; Dutch, Amsterdam, 1766. Second volume of above.
  • A Set of Anatomical Tables, with Explanations, and an Abridgment, of the Practice of Midwifery, With a View to Illustrate a Treatise on That Subject, and a Collection of Cases.
    London 1754, 1761, 1787; Edinburgh, 1785, 1787; Worcester, 1793; Philadelphia, 1797; Boston, 1786; French translation, Paris, 1758, 1765; Dutch, Amsterdam, 1765; German editions, Nürnberg, 1758; Augsburg, 1782, 1797.
    His famed treatise on midwifery appeared in 1752, followed two years later by this set of plates, which is very rare and is said to have been issued in only 100 copies. The life-size plates are distinguished for their accuracy and are only to be compared with those of Smellie’s pupil, William Hunter, whose Anatomica uteri humani gravidi was one of the highest points in anatomical atlases.
  • Herbert Ritchie Spencer (1860-):
    The History of British Midwifery, London, 1927, page 23.
  • Comrie, History of Scottish Medicine, pp. 436-437.
  • Hermann Vierordt:
    Medizin-Geschichtliches Hilfsbuch, Tübingen, 1916, page 266.
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