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1st Viscount Addison of Stallingborough English anatomist, born June 19,1869; died December 11, 1951.


  • With the Abyssinians in Somaliland.
    With Major J. Willes Jennings. London, 1905.
  • The Betrayal of the Slums. London, 1922.
  • Politics from within: 1911-18, including some records of a great national effort. London, 1924.
  • Practical Socialism. London, 1926.
  • Why food is dear. 1925.
  • Practical socialism. London, 1926.
  • Religion and politics: the social service lecture.
    London, 1931.
  • Four and a half years: a personal diary from June 1914 to January 1919. London, 1934.
  • Labour’s policy for our countryside. 1937.
  • A policy for British Agriculture. London, 1939.
  • How the Labour Party has saved agriculture. 1951.
  • R.J. Minney:
    Viscount Addison: Leader of the Lords. London, 1958.
  • Kenneth and Jane Morgan:
    Portrait of a progressive: the political career of Christopher, Viscount Addison. Oxford, 1980.

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