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English surgeon, born September 3, 1736, Leeds, Yorkshire; died March 23, 1819.


    Lectures given at the Philosophical and Literary Society in Leeds:
  • Observations on the aurora borealis. Philosophical Transactions, 1790.
  • Some account of a heifer with two heads which was exhibited at the Leeds fair.
  • An account of a child having six fingers on each hand and six toes on the right foot.
  • On deformities of the human foetus.
  • An account of twin children each which was said to be born with two foreteeth.
  • A description of a monstrous human foetus.
  • A chemical analysis of Adam’s solvent for the stone.
  • On the methods of guarding buildings from the destructive effects of lightning.
  • A description of the eye of the seal. Memoirs of the Philosophical Society, 1790.
  • Observations on the blood. London, 1779.
  • Practical observations in surgery illustrated by cases.
    London, T. Cadell, jun., & W. Davies, 1803; 1810; 1814.
    German translation in the Chirurgische Handbibliothek, volume V, Weimar, 1823. [Main work].
  • A treatise on the puerperal fever which occurred in Leeds and its vicinity in the years 1809-1812. London, 1815.
  • Account of a rupture of the bladder from a suppression of urine in a pregnant woman.
    Medical Observations and Inquiries by a Society of Physicians in London.
  • Account off the effects of electricity in the amaurosis.
    Medical Observations and Inquiries by a Society of Physicians in London.

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