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English physician and chemist, born December 31, 1813, Thorington Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk County; died April 20, 1873.


Besides his books, Bence Jones made numerous contributions to journals.
  • On gravel, calculus and gout; chiefly an application of Prof. Liebig’s physiology to the prevention and cure of these diseases. London, 1842.
  • On animal electricity (Abstract of the discoveries of E. Du Bois-Reymond). 1852.
  • Chemistry of urine. 1857.
  • On animal chemistry in its application to stomach and renal diseases. 1856.
  • Lectures on some of the applications of chemistry and mechanics to pathology and therapeutics. 1867.
  • Lectures on matter and tone.
    Croonian Lectures; College of Physicians, 1868.
  • The life and letters of Faraday. 2 volumes.
  • The London and Provincial Medical Directory. Obituary.
    London: Royal College of Physicians, 1858: 866.
  • Francis Darwin:
    Life and letters of Charles Darwin.
    Volume 2. London: John Murray, 1887: 215.
  • J. Rosenbloom:
    An appreciation of Henry Bence Jones, MD, FRS.
    Annals of Medical History, 1919, 2: 262-264.
  • R. R. James:
    British masters of ophthalmology.
    British Journal of Ophthalmology, London, 1926, 10: 240-247.
  • E. T. Collins:
    The History & Traditions of the Moorfields Eye Hospital.
    Volume 1. London: H.K. Lewis, 1929: 75-79.
  • H. Bence-Jones:
    An autobiography.
    Posthumous, private publication by Crusha & Son, London, 1929: 3-33.
  • G. H. Brown:
    Lives of the fellows of the Royal College of Physicians of London 1826-1925.
    Royal College of Physicians of London, 1955: 63.
  • J. R. Clamp:
    Some aspects of the first recorded case of multiple myeloma.
    Lancet, London, 1967; 2: 1354-1356.
  • Henry Bence Jones (1813-1873).
    Classic in Oncology, 1978, 1: 47-56.

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