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English physcian and pathologist, born August 17, 1798, in Pentonville, St. James Parish, Middlesex; died April 5, 1866, Jaffa, Palestine [now Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel].


    Works by Thomas Hodgkin
  • On the use of the spleen.
    Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, 1822.
  • Sur quelques observations microscopiques sur le sang et le tissu des animaux.
    With J. J. Lyster, Annales des sciences naturelles, Paris, 1827.
  • Essay on medical education. London, 1828.
  • On the retroversion of the valves of the aorta.
    London Medical Gazette, 1828-1829; 3: 433-443.
  • Catalogue of the preparations in the anatomical museum of Guy’s Hospital. Arranged and edited by desire of the treasurer of the hospital and the teachers of the surgical school.
    London, 1829.
  • On the anatomical characters of some adventitious structure.
    Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, London, 1829, volume 15.
  • Hints relating to the cholera in London. London, 1832.
  • On some morbid appearances of the absorbent glands and spleen.
    Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, London, 1832; 17: 68-114. Hodgkin’s disease.
    Reproduced in Medical Classics, 1937, 1: 741-740.
  • Lectures on the means of promoting and preserving health.
    London, 1835.
  • Reports on the effects of acrid poisons. London, 1836.
  • Lectures on the Morbid Anatomy of the Serous and Mucous Membranes.
    Volume 1, London, Sherwood, 1836; Volume 2, Simpkin, Marshall & Co., 1840. Volume 2, part 2 was never published. German translation 1843/1844.
  • Narrative of a journey to Morocco.
    Posthumous, 1863/1864.
  • An account of some unpublished papers of the late Dr. Hodgkin by Samuel Wilks.
    Guy’s Hospital Reports, London, 1878; XXIII.
  • Louis Rosenfeld:
    Thomas Hodgkin : Morbid Anatomist & Social Activist.
    Madison Books, Lanaham, 1993.

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