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John Farquhar Fulton - bibliography

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American physiologist, born November 1, 1899, St. Paul, Minnesota; died 1960.


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    Muscular contraction and the reflex control of movement.
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  • John F. Fulton:
    Selected Reading in the History of Physiology.
    Edited by John Farquhar Fulton.
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  • John F. Fulton:
    A bibliography of two Oxford physiologists; Richard Lower, 1631-1691; John Mayow, 1643-1679.
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  • John F. Fulton:
    Physiology of the Nervous System. Textbook. 1938.
    This went through several editions, and was translated into many languages.
  • John Fulton and Ralph W. Gerard:
    J.G. Dusser de Barenne, 1885-1940.
    Journal of Neurophysiology, July 1940, 3: 283-292.
    Includes bibliography of Dusser de Barenne's works.
  • A bibliography of visual literature, 1939-1944, compiled by John F. Fulton, Phebe M. Hoff and Henrietta T. Perkins. Prepared by the committee on aviation medicine, Division of medical sciences, National research council.
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  • John F. Fulton:
    Harvey Cushing, a biography.
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  • John F. Fulton and Madeline Earl Stanton:
    The centennial of surgical anesthesia; an annotated catalogue of books and pamphlets bearing on the early history of surgical anesthesia, exhibited at the Yale medical library, October 1946. Compiled by John F. Fulton, M.D., and Madeline E. Stanton, A. B.
    New York, H. Schuman, 1946.
  • John F. Fulton:
    On being a literary executor.
    Journal of Neurosurgery, 1947, 4: 1-6.
    [on being Harvey Cushing's literary executor]
  • John F. Fulton:
    Edward Clark Streeter, 1874-1947. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, December 1947, 20(2): 203-211.
  • John F. Fulton:
    Edward Clark Streeter, 1874-1947: A biographical appreciation for his friends and classmates including the text of his paper on Leoniceno.
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  • John F. Fulton:
    The great medical bibliographers, a study in humanism.
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  • John Fulton:
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  • John F. Fulton:
    A unique copy of the Fabrica of Vesalius'[1943 edition]
    Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 1953, 8: 219-220.
  • John F. Fulton and Madeleine E. Stanton:
    Bibliography of Galvani's writings on animal electricity. In Luigi Galvani, Commentary on the effects of electricity on muscular motion...together with a facsimile of Galvani's De viribus electricitatis in motu musculari commentarius (1791), and a bibliography of the editions and translations of Galvani's book...
    Norwalk, CT: Burndy Library, 1954, pp. 159-171.
  • John F. Fulton:
    Selected reading in the history of physiology, comp. by John F. Fulton, completed by Leonard G. Wilson.
    Springfield, Illinois, Thomas [c 1966].
  • John F. Fulton:
    The Making of a Library: Extracts from Letters, 1934-1941, of Harvey Cushing, Arnold C. Klebs, John F. Fulton, Presented to John Fulton by His Friends on His Sixtieth Birthday, 1 November 1959.
    New Haven: Yale University, 1959.
  • John Fulton, Frederick G. Kilgour and Madeleine E. Stanton:
    Yale Medical Library: the formation and growth of its Historical Library. New Haven, 1962.
  • John Fulton:
    Dusser de Barenne, Joannes Gregorius.
    Dictionary of American Biography, Supplement 2.: 161-162.
    Joannes Gregorius Dusser de Barenne (1885-1940) of Dutch descent was a pioneer on demonstrating the major functional subdivisions of the sensory cortex. He joined the Yale School of Medicine in 1930.
  • Elizabeth H. Thomson:
    Early Manifestations of Bibliomania in Three Collectors: Harvey Cushing, Arnold Klebs, and John Fulton. Journal of the Albert Einstein Medical Center, July 1962, 10: 98-107.
  • D. Denny-Brown:
    Obituary: John Farquhar Fulton 1899-1960.
    Transactions of the American Neurological Association, 1960: 262-263.
  • Thomas P. Gariepy:
    John Farquhar Fulton (1899-1960).
    In: Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Practitioners. A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook. Edited by Lois N. Magner. Greenwood Press. Westport, Conn. 1997. 384 pages.

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