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Italian anatomist, born ca. 1500-1513, San Severino, Ancona; died August 27, 1574, in Umbria, on the Via Flamina en route to Fossombrone.


  • Ossium examen. 1561.
  • De motu capitis.
    1561. Eustachi’s two first works were directed against the anti-Galenism of Vesalius.
  • Epistola de auditus organis. 1562.
    Contains his description of the Eustachian tube.
  • De renum structura. 1562. On the kidney.
  • De vena quae azygos graecis dicitur.
    On the venous system.
  • Libellus de renibus. Venice, 1563.
  • Libellus de dentibus. Venice, 1563. On the teeth.
  • Opuscula anatomicae. Venetiis, V. Luchinus, 1564.
    Reprinted in Leiden, 1707, and Delft, 1726.
    This exceedingly rare book is the first compilation of his works on the teeth, adrenal body, ear, and venous system. Contains his description of the Eustachian tube.
  • Tabulae anatomicae Bartholomaei Eustachii quas e tenebris tandem vindicatas
    præfatione notisque illustravit, ac ipso suæ bibliothecæ dedicationis die publici juris fecit Jo. Maria Lancisus.

    Rome, Francesco Gonzaga, 1714. Folio.
    Republished in Amsterdam, 1722, with copies of the original plates.
    Rome, 1828, with the original plates.
    Leiden, 1744, with newly engraved copies of the plates accompanied by separate outline plates of equal size on which explanatory letters were engraved. This edition, edited by B. S. Albinus, is the most desirable one for puposes of study.
    Further editions: Venice, 1769; Amsterdam, 1798, in German translation; and
    Amsterdam, 1800.
    Finally there is a commentary as well as an edition of the plates by Gaetano Petrioli, to whom Lancisi bequeathed them, Reflessioni anatomiche sulle note de lancisi fatte sopra le tavole del cel. B. Eustachio (Rome, 1740). It is chiefly of significance for for the attached biography of Eustachi by Bernardo Gentili. Works relating to the early descriptions of the stapes:
  • Pedro Jimeno (Gimeno):
    Dialogus de re medica, compendiaria, summe nevessarius omnibus medicinae candidatis.
    Valencia, 1549. With Jimeno’s description of the stapes.
  • Giovanni Filippo Ingrassia:
    In Galeni librum de ossibus doctissima et expectatissima commentaria etc.
    Published posthumously by his grandson. Palermo, 1603.
    Venice, 1604. Containing his description of the stapes.
  • Ludovigo Collado:
    In Galeni librum de ossibus commentarius. Valencia, 1555. Biographical etc:

  • G. Bilanconi:
    Bartolomeo Eustachi. Florence, 1913.
  • Memorie e documenti riguardanti Bartolomeo Eustachio publicati nel quarto centenaroi della nascita. Fabriano, 1913. A collection of documents.
  • Pietro Capparoni:
    Profili bio-bibliografici di medici e naturalisti celebri italiani dal sec. XV al sec. XVII.
    2 volumes. Rome, 1925-28. Second edition, 1932.
  • Gaetano Luigi Marini,
    Degli archiatri pontifici.
    2 volumes. (Rome, 1784), 1, 417-418.

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