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German ophthalmologist, born 1535, Königsbrück; died 1607.


  • G. Bartisch:
    Ophthalmodouleia Das ist Augendienst.
    Dresden, Mathes Stöckel, 1583. Folio. Original in Greek letters.
    A second edition was printed the following year, the only change being on the title page: "Gedruckt zu Frankfurt a. M. in Verlegung Sigismundi Feyerabends, 1584.
    A new edition was published in Nürnberg in 1686 under the title of Georg Bartisch' Augendienst.
    This is in quarto format and has fewer illustrations.
    The first systematic work on ocular disease and ophthalmic surgery. Bartisch made the preliminary drawings for the ninety-one woodcuts, which were then executed by Hans Hewamaul. The work was printed at Bartisch's own expense. The illustrations form a comprehensive pictorial record of Renaissance eye-surgery; some of the woodcuts show the parts of the eye in various layers as they are viewed in dissection by means of movable anatomical flaps. This is one of the earliest uses of movable flaps to illustrate a medical book.
    Facsimile reprint, Folkstone, 1966, and Hannover, 1983.
    Ophthalmodouleia, That is the Service of the Eye. Oostende, Belgium, J.-P. Wayenborgh, 1996. c.612 Pages, index, hardcover. US$ 450,-

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