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English physician, born May 27, 1794, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire; died March 5, 1866, Hanwell.


  • De statu mentis in insania et melancholia.
    Doctoral thesis, Edinburgh, 1821.
  • An inquiry concerning the indications of insanity, with suggestions for the better protection and care of the insane.
    London, J. Taylor, 1830.
    In the present work, one of his most important, he discusses the condition of British asylums, insanity and its causes, and ways to improve the care of the insane.
  • On the construction and government of lunatic asylums. 1847.
  • A study of Hamlet. 1863. London, E. Moxon, 1863.
    The first psychiatric study of Hamlet.

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