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Auguste Nélaton - bibliography

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French physician and surgeon, born June 17, 1807, Paris; died September 21, 1873, Paris?


  • Recherches sur l’affection tuberculeuse des os. Doctoral thesis; Paris, 1836.
  • Traité des tumeurs de la mamelle. 1839, 4.
  • Éléments de pathologie chirurgicale.
    5 volumes; Paris, Germer-Baillière, 1844-1860. Volume 5, was worked over by his assistant, Jean Alexandre Jamain (1816-1862). In volume 2, page 46, is to be found the description of Nélaton's disease/tumour; on pp 441-442, he describes the line named for him and Roser. Completely revised edition in 1872.
  • Leçons sur l’hématocèle rétro-utérine.
    Gazette des hôpitaux, Paris, 1851, 24: 573;
    Gazette des hôpitaux, Paris, 1852, 25: 45-46, 66-67.
    In this article Nélaton first describes hydrocele now called H. intraperitonealis.
  • De l’influence de la position dans les maladies chirugicales.
    Thesis for professor of clinical surgery. Paris, Germer-Baillière, 1851. German translation by Hugo Hartmann, Grimma 1852.
  • Parallèle des divers modes opératoires dans le traitement de la cataracte.
    Concours thesis for the chair of operative medicine.
  • Eléments de pathologie chirurgicale.
    5 vols. Paris 1844-1859.
    The five-volume Eléments de pathologie chirurgicale is Nélation's major work and includes virtually all of his surgical innovations and discoveries. Nélaton also contributed to Rapport sur les progrès de la chirurgie en France. 1867. Obituaries:
  • Jean-Casimir-Félix Guyon (1831-1920) in Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société de chirurgie, 1876; 2: 76.
  • Jules Béclard (1818-1887) in Mémoires de l’Académie de médecine, 1879; XXXII: XXXIII.
  • de Valcourt:
    Garibaldi et Nélaton. Chronique médicale, Paris, 1913; 20: 23.

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