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Scottish physician, born February 3, 1777, Leith near Edinburgh; died January 31, 1836, Buckinghamshire, England.


  • Essays on the Diseases of Children; with Cases and Dissections.
  • Essay 1. Of cynanche trachealis or croup. Edinburgh, 1801. 2nd edition, 1809, under the title:
    The pathology of the membrane of the larynx and bronchia,
  • Essay 2. On the bowel complaints etc. Edinburgh, 1803.
  • Essay 3. On hydrocephalus acutus, or dropsy in the brain..
    Edinburgh, Mundell, Doig & Stevensen, 1808.
  • Cases of apoplexy and lethargy; etc. London, 1812.
  • A Second Essay on Hydrocephalus Acutus etc. Dublin, 1815; 2nd edition, 1819; German translation by Adolph Wilhelm Müller (1784-1811), Bremen, 1809.
  • The Pathology of the Membranes of the Larynx and Bronchia.
    Edinburgh, Mundell, Doig & Stevenson, 1809.
    This important book deals mainly with the lesions of the croup.
  • Cases of Apoplexy and Lethargy: With Observations Upon the Comatose Diseases. London, Thomas Underwood, 1812.
    Cheyne believed that cerebral anaemia might be the cause of apoplexy, and described pathological cases of cerebral infarction and of cerebral haemorrhage. The work contains the first illustration of subarachnoid haemorrhage.
  • An Account of the Rise, Progress and Decline of the Fever Lately Epidemical in Ireland.
    With Francis Barker (1773-1858). 2 volumes. Dublin, 1821.
  • A Letter to George Renney, M. D. Director-General . . . . On the Feigned Diseases of Soldiers. Dublin, 1826.
  • Essays on Partial Derangement of the Mind in Supposed Connexion with Religion . . . . With a Portrait and Autobiographical Sketch of the Author. Published posthumously in Dublin, 1843.

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