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Percivall Pott - bibliography

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British surgeon, born January 6, 1714, Threadneedle Street, London; died December 22, 1788.


  • Treatise on Ruptures. London, 1756, 1766.
  • An Account of a Particular Kind of Rupture frequently attended upon New Born Children.
    London, 1757, 1765, 1775.
  • Observations on that disorder of the corner of Eye Commonly Called Fistula Lacrymalis.
    London, 1758, 1762, 1765, 1769, 1775. German translation, Dresden, 1771.
  • Observations on the Nature and Consequences of Wounds and Contusions of the Head, Fractures of the Skull, Concussions of the Brain.
    London, Hitch & Lowes, 1760. Later editions 1760, 1768. German translation, Nürnberg, 1768.
  • Practical Remarks on the Hydrocele or Watery Rupture.
    London, 1762, 1767. German translation, Copenhagen 1770.
  • Remarks on the Disease Commonly Called Fistula in Ano.
    London, 1765, 1767, 1771, 1775. German translation, Wien, 1768.
  • Some Few General Remarks on Fractures and Dislocations.
    London, 1769. French translation, Paris, 1788; Italian translation, Venice, 1784.
  • Chirurgical Observations Relative to the Cataract, the Polypus of the Nose, and the Cancer of the Scrotum, the Different Kinds of Ruptures, and the Mortification of the Toes and Feet.
    London, 1775. German translation, Berlin, 1776.
    Describing gangraene senilis and the chimney sweeper’s disease.
  • Remarks on that Kind of Palsy of the Lower Limbs, Which is Frequently Found to Accompany a Curvature of the Spine, and is Supposed to be Caused by it. Together with its Method of Cure...
    London, J. Johnson, 1779.
    German translation by by K. H. Spohr, Leipzig, 1786.
    Dutch translation, Leiden, 1779; French, Paris, 1783.
  • Farther Remarks on the Useless State of the Lower Limbs, in Consequence of a Curvature of the Spine: Being a Supplement to a Former Treatise on that Subject.
    London, 1782.
  • The chirurgical works of Percivall Pott. A complete edition.
    First edition in 4 volumes, London, 1771; 2nd edition, 1775.
    3rd edition in three volumes, London, printed for T. Lowndes, J. Johnson . . . and S. Hayes, 1779. Later editions 1783, 1790, and 1808.
    Dublin, 1778.
    German translation in two volumes, Berlin, 1787-1788;
    French translation, Paris, 1777; 3 volumes, 1792.
    Italian translation by Bassano, 3 volumes, 1794.
    Pott's writings were popular in America and an edition of the present work appeared in Philadelphia as late as 1819.

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