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Sir Geoffrey Jefferson - bibliography

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English neurologist and neurosurgeon, 1886-1961.


  • Removal of a rifle bullet from the right lobe of the cerebellum: illustrating the spontaneous movement of a bullet in the brain.
    British Journal of Surgery, London, 1918, 5: 422-424.
  • The physiological pathology of gunshot wounds of the head.
    British Journal of Surgery, London, 1919, 7: 262-289.
  • Gunshot wounds of the scalp, with special reference to the neurological signs present.
    Brain, Oxford, 1919, 42: 93-112.
  • Fracture of the atlas vertebra: report of four cases, and a review of those previously recorded. British Journal of Surgery, London, 1920, 7: 407-22.
  • Report of a successful case of emboletctomy with a review of the literature.
    British Medical Journal, London, 1925, 2: 985-987.
    First successful embolectomy in Britain.
  • Arterial embolectomy.
    British Medical Journal, London, 1934, 2: 1090-1094.
  • Scepsis Scientifica.
    British Medical Journal, London, 1948, 1: 379-382.
  • On beeing happy and liking it.
    Br Med Soc J 1951, 6:3-4.
  • Selected papers. London: Pitman Medical, 1960.

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