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Helmut Paul George Seckel

Born  1900
Died  1960

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German paediatrician, born May 16, 1900, Berlin; died 1960, U.S.A.

Biography of Helmut Paul George Seckel

Helmut Paul George Seckel, who came from a family of prominent academics, qualified in medicine at the Univesity of Berlin. He specialised in paediatrics, but had his career interrupted by the Nazis and in 1936 he fled to the USA. He was professor of paediatrics at the University of Chicago Medical School.

    "Dr Seckel will always be remembered as a scholarly man. In his academic pursuits he explored many fields: medical science, social science, art, philosophy, history and theology. His readings and discussions in the field of existentialism were wide and profound. Many felt he was old-fashioned because he respected the old German traditions, though he was appalled at the degradation to which the Nazi curse had left the German people. Yet his was an open mind, ever accepting new ideas, the newest and most abstruse expression of art, the newest advances in medical practice. He enjoyed the company of young people, colleagues and students, and was willing to learn from them. He was a quiet man, a gentle man, a dignified man, yet humble and kind."
    His friend Grossman in his obituary.

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