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Camillo Bozzolo

Born  1845
Died  1920

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Italian physician, born May 30, 1845, Milano; died February 28, 1920, Torino.

Biography of Camillo Bozzolo

Camillo Bozzolo studied at the University of Pavia, where his teachers were Salvatore Tommasi (1813-1888), Luigi Porta (1800-1875), Antonio Quaglino (1817-1894), Montegazza, Eusebio Oehl (1827-1903), and Arnaldo Cantani (1837-1893). He was conferred doctor of medicine in Pavia in 1868. After hearing Johann von Oppolzer (1808-1871) in Vienna and Ludwig Traube (1818-1876) in Berlin, he became assistant of pathological anatomy at the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, then of general pathology under Giulio Bizzozero (1846-1901 in Torino and, eventually, assistant of clinical medicine under Carlo Leopoldo Rovira (1844-1877). He was habilitated in Torino in 1878 and in 1879 as extraordinary professor became director of the newly erected propedeutic clinic and, in 1883, full professor and director of the medical clinic in Torino, succeeding Luigi Maria Concato (1825-1882).

His first works concerned the metastasis of cancer through the blood vessels, and particularly by the lymphatic glands. With his teacher Giulio Bizzozero he published a work on tumours of the membrane of the brain. Worth mentioning are his works on pulse conditions, the nature and treatment of pneumonia and cerebrospinalmeningitis. His most important work is Sulla anchilostomoanemia e sulla sua cura.

As early as during the years 1895 to 1900 Bozzolo described the disease picture of encephalitis lethargica in cases he assumed to be poliomyelitis superior acuta


  • Le splenomegalie primitive.
    With Fernando Micheli (1872-1937). Torino, 1910.
  • L’anchilostomiasi e l’anemia che ne conseguita (anchilostomanemia).
    Giornale internazionale delle scienze mediche, Napoli, 1879, n.s. 1: 1054-1069, 1245-1253.
    Introduction of thymol as a hookworm vermifuge.
    With Edoardo Perroncito (1847-1936) and Luigi Pagliani (1847-1931) Bozzolo discovered that ancylostomum duodenale was the cause of the anaemia occurring among workers building the St. Gotthard railway.
  • Bozzolo, Camillo.
    In: Isidor Fischer, publisher: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Ärzte der letzten fünfzig Jahre. Berlin – Wien, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1932.

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