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Henri-Louis Bayard

Born 1812
Died 1852

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French physician, born 1812, died October 12, 1852, Château-Gontier.

Biography of Henri-Louis Bayard

Henri-Louis Bayard, physician in Paris and Château-Gontier, the capital of Haut-Anjou in northwest France, was co-editor of the Annales d'hygiène publique et de médecine légale (Paris). He was conferred doctor of medicine in 1836, was a pupil of Charles-Prosper Ollivier (d'Angers, 1796-1845), and after the death of Ollivier took over a large part of his forensic practice. Although he enjoyed great respect as a legal physician and was reputed as a scientist, he was so strongly influenced by the events of 1848 that he left Paris in 1849 and retired to Château-Gontier, devoting himself to his medical practice as well as the local iron sources that had fallen into oblivion, and of which he was owner and reactivated. His long list of publications even concerns the murder of children and the necessity of practical studies in forensic/legal medicine. He also wrote an biography of his teacher, Ollivier.

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