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Ludwig Bandl

Born  1842
Died  1892

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German obstetrician and gynaecologist, born November 1, 1842, Himberg, Niederösterreich; died August 26, 1892, Döbling, near Vienna.

Biography of Ludwig Bandl

Ludwig Bandl received his medical education in Vienna, where he studied under Carl von Braun (1822-1891), Joseph Hyrtl (1810-1894), and Johann von Dumreicher (1815-1880). After receiving his doctorate in 1867 he commenced practising obstetrics. In 1875 he became associate professor (Privatdozent) of gynaecology and obstetrics, and in 1878 he took over the leadership of the department of obstetrics at the Allgemeine Poliklinik in Vienna.

In 1880 came his appointment as kaiserlicher und königlicher professor extraordinary of obstetrics and gynaecology; six years later he went to Prague to become ordentlicher professor. Because of a rapidly developing mental illness he did not hold this tenure for long, he had to be put away in an asylum in Vienna where he died a few years later.

Bandl was a representative of the famous Vienna School, practising exclusively in the field of obstetrics, in which he left countless writings.


  • Über Ruptur der Gebärmutter und ihre Mechanik. Vienna, 1875.
  • Über das Verhalten des Uterus und der Cervix in der Schwangerschaft und während der geburt.
    Stuttgart, F. Enke, 1876.
  • Beiträge zur Operation der Blasenscheidenfisteln und Harnleiterscheidenfisteln. Vienna, 1880.
  • Die Krankheiten der Tuben, des Beckenperitoneums Beckenzellgewebes.
    In: Franz Freiherr von Pitha (1810-1875) and Theodor Billroth Billroth (1829-1894): Handbuch der allgemeinen und spezielle Chirurgie. Erlangen and Stuttgart, 1874.

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