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Heinrich von Bamberger

Born  1822
Died  1888

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German internist, born December 27, 1822, Prague; died 1888.

Biography of Heinrich von Bamberger

Heinrich von Bamberger studied medicine in his native city and received his doctorate there in 1847. He spent part of his student time at the University of Vienna, at the time when Josef Skoda (1805-1881) and Karl von Rokitansky (1804-1878) impressed the medical world with epoch-making discoveries. Bamberger subsequently worked as a second at the general hospital in Prague, in 1849 and 1850 he was assistant at the Prague medical clinic. From 1851 to 1854 he was clinical assistant to professor Johann von Oppolzer (1808-1871), who had been called from Leipzig to Vienna, and in 1854 was appointed professor of special pathology and therapy at the University of Würzburg - then at its zenith of fame.

In Würzburg Bamberger displayed a prolific activity as a writer and teacher, and in 1872, upon the death of his teacher, was appointed successor to Oppolzer as professor of special pathology and therapy, as well as director of a medical clinic at the University of Vienna. His spiritual lecturing and his clear and logical bedside case presentations, combined with a thorough knowledge of medicine, made him the pride of the faculty. He made extensive investigations on diseases of the pericardium, heart tissues, and the great vessels. His textbook on diseases of the heart is one of the earliest works to be devoted entirely to cardiac pathology.


  • Lehrbuch der Krankheiten des Herzens. Vienna, 1857.
  • Die Krankheiten des chylopoetischen Systems.
    In: Virchows Handbuch der speciellen Pathologie und Therapie. volume 6, 1. part. Erlangen, 1855.
    2nd edition, Würzburg 1864; translated into Dutch and Italian.
  • Ueber Bacon von Verulam. Würzburg, 1865.
  • Saltatorischer Reflekskrampf, eine merkwürdige Form von Spinal-Irritation.
    Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1859, 9: 49-52, 65-67.
  • Ueber zwei seltene Herzaffektionen usw.
    Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1872: 14-25.

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