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Karl Georg Lucas Christian Bergmann

Born  1814
Died  1865

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German anatomist, physiologist and biologist, born May 18, 1814, Göttingen; died April 30, 1865, Geneva, Switzerland.

Biography of Karl Georg Lucas Christian Bergmann

Karl Georg Lucas Christian Bergmann obtained his medical doctorate at Göttingen in 1838. He was Obermedicinalrath and professor of anatomy and physiology at Rostock. Between 1839 and 1862 he published a series of papers on comparative anatomy in Johannes Peter Müller's (1801-1858) Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medicin.

Bergmann was Privatdocent in Göttingen, becoming professor extraordinary in 1843. From October 2, 1852 he was Professor Ordinarius and member of the Medicinal-Commission in Rostock. He was appointed Obermedicinalrath in 1861. He died in Geneva on April 30, 1865, on his return from Mentone, where he had spent the winter because of ailing health.

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