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Antonio Béguez César

Born  1895-03-12
Died  1975

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Cuban physician, Born March 12, 1895, Santiago; died February 11, 1975.

Biography of Antonio Béguez César

Antonio Béguez César was born in Santiago of Cuba. He graduated from the University of Havana in 1919 and subsequently specialized in paediatrics.

In 1933, Béguez César discovered the "neutropenia cronica maligna faliliar con granulaciones en los globulos blancos". His discovery was published in the Bulletin of the Cuban Paediatric Society Bulletin in 1943.

In 1975, the world recognized that neutropenia chronic vitiates relative constituted an absolute medicine discovery and that Dr. Béguez César was its discoverer.

He also published "eritromolalgia/Weir-Mitchell", the first observation of this disease in Cuba. In 1939, he investigated a craneo-faringeoma tumour, one of the first observations of this tumour in Cuba. Lamentably the first of those works was not published in extensive and it is not in the Cuban medical bibliography.

In 1973 Béguez César received the Diploma of Merit of the Cuban Society of Paediatrics and was made Doctor Honoris Causa of the Latin American Society of Pediatrics.

Antonio Béguez César died in 1975, after 55 years dedicated to medical

We thank Antonio Béguez for submitting this biography of his grandfather.

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