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Joseph Honoré Simon Beau

Born 1806
Died 1865

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French physician, born May 8, 1806, in Collonges, département Ain, died August 11, 1865, Paris.

Biography of Joseph Honoré Simon Beau

Joseph Honoré Simon Beau made on of the first descriptions of cardiac insufficiency and asystole, sometimes called Beau's syndrome. Beau described the phenomenon i 1846.

18: Beau commenced his studies in Lyon, then went to Paris and received his doctorate in that city in 1836 with a thesis entitled "De l'emploi des évacuans dans la maladie connue sous les noms gastroentérite, dothinthérite etc." In 1839 he became physician at the Bureau central, later at the Hôpital Cochin, and, eventually, at the Charité. In 1844 he became he became professeur agrégé at the medical faculty, and until 1852 participated in competitive examinations - concourses - for medical chairs.

All his works are recognized by their originality, none of them is a mere compilation, and he was one principal promoters of pathological physiology. He is particularly famous for his investigations of the physiology of the hearts and the lungs. These were first published in the Archives générales de médecine from 1834 to 1845, and collected in his "Traité experimental ..." published in Paris 1856.

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