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Erich Urbach

Born  1893
Died  1946

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Austrian-American allergologist and dermatologist, born July 29, 1893, Prague; died 1946.

Biography of Erich Urbach

Born in Czechoslovakia, Erich Urbach went to medical school at the University of Vienna for two years. When the 1st World War broke out he served in the Austrian army as a lieutenant and a member of the surgical group of professor Anton Freiherr von Eiselsberg (1860-1939) and was decorated for bravery.

Urbach graduated doctor of medicine from the University of Vienna under Wilhelm Kerl (1880-1945) in 1919. He worked in the internal departments of the Wiener allgemeines Krankenhaus under Jakob Pal (1863-1936) and Wilhelm Schlesinger (1869-1947), at the skin department under Salomon Ehrmann (1854-1926), at the Breslau skin clinic under Josef Jadassohn (1863-1936), and was an assistant at the skin department of the Rothschildspital in Vienna under Hans Königstein (1878-1954).

In 1929 he was habilitated for skin and venereal diseases at his alma mater, becoming Dozent. He was subsequently assistant physician at the II skin clinic with Wilhelm Kerl. From 1936 to 1938 he was chief physician at the department of dermatology and allergy at the Merchant’s hospital, Vienna, but with the advent of Hitler he migrated to the United States in 1938 and became an associate of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. From 1939 he was chief of the allergy department of the Jewish Hospital, Philadelphia. He was the author of many publications and published a very popular book "Allergy", with P. M. Gottlieb.


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