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Moriz Oppenheim

Born  1876
Died  1949

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Austrian dermatologist, born January 1, 1876, Vienna; died 1949, United Sates of America.

Biography of Moriz Oppenheim

Moriz Oppenheim studied at Vienna, graduating in 1899. After interning at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus he joined the University of Vienna dermatology clinic in 1902, working under Isidor Neumann (1832-1906) and Ernst Anton Franz Finger (1856-1939). It was here, in 1906, that he developed a complement fixation test for the gonococcus with Rudolf Müller.

Oppenheim was habilitated in 1906, becoming titular professor in 1915, and in 1926 ausserordentlicher professor of dermatology. From 1918 he headed the skin department at the Wilhelminenspital.

He wrote several textbooks on venereal disease and skin disorders. He described necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum in 1932. He stressed the importance of occupation and cosmetics causing skin problems.

Like his colleague, Erich Urbach, Oppenheim was of Jewish descent. They both fled Nazi Austria before the war. Oppenheim immigrated to the United States, where he died in 1949.


  • Kurzes Repetitorium der Pathologie und Therapie der venerischen Krankheiten.
    2nd edition, Leipzig and Vienna, 1902.
  • Mycetoma pedis (Madurafuss).
    In: Handbuch der Hautkrankheiten, volume 3, Vienna, 1904.
  • Atlas der venerischen Affektionen der Portio vaginalis uteri und der Vagina.
    Lepizig and Vienna, 1908.
  • Die Hautatrophien. With E. Finger. Leipzig and Vienna, 1910.
  • Über eine eigene Art der Nagelabhebung bei Wäscherinnen.
    In: Arb. soz. Med, H. 1. Vienna and Leipzig 1910.
  • Praktikum der Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten.
    Leipzig and Vienna, 1913; 5th edition, 1927; translated into Serbocroatian and Russian.
  • Die Schädigung der Haut durch Beruf und gewerbliche Arbeit.
    3 volumes, Leipzig, 1915-1926.
  • Leitfaden der Pflege bei Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten.
    In: Lehrbuch für Krankenpflegeschulen, 3, Leipzig and Vienna, 1922.
  • Atrophien.
    In: Handbuch der Hautkrankheiten, volume 8, 2, Berlin, 1930.

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