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Viktor Theodor Adolf Georg Schilling

Born  1883
Died  1960

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German internist and haematologist, born August 28, 1883, Torgau, Rgz. Merseburg; died 1960.

Biography of Viktor Theodor Adolf Georg Schilling

Victor Theodor Adolf Georg Schilling studied at the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Akademie in Berlin, obtaining his doctorate in 1909. From 1910 to 1913 he was assigned to the Hamburger Tropeninstitut, and during the World War was a corps hygienist in Galicia and Russia, subsequently advisory army hygienist in Aleppo and head of the bacteriological teaching laboratory for the Turkish army in Constantinople. In 1919 he became divisional physician (Stationsarzt) in the I. Medical clinic of the Charité. He became Privatdozent of internal medicine in 1921, in 1922 ausserordentlicher professor in Berlin. Besides internal medicine, his most important work was in haematology. He did much to popularise differential white cell counts in the peripheral blood.


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