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Alan Eglin Heathcote Emery

Born 1928

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English human geneticist, born 1928.

Biography of Alan Eglin Heathcote Emery

Alan Eglin Heathcote Emery is the son of Harold Heathcote Emery. He graduated in botany and zoology from the University of Manchester, England, in 1952, with first class honours. He then spent years in research and teaching before obtaining a medical qualification in 1960, also from the University of Manchester. He subsequently obtained a PhD degree in human genetics at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. He later became a consultant in medical genetics in Manchester, where he received his medical doctorate in 1966. In 1968 he became professor and chairman of the department of human genetics of the University of Edinburgh.

Emery became Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Edinburgh in 1983 and has later been affiliated with the Division of Neurology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina. By 2000 he was Chief Scientific Advisor, European Neuromuscular Centre.

Emery’s research has centred on neuromuscular disease, He has published more than 200 scientific papers and he is the author of several books.

Emery has received many honours, including the National Foundation March of Dimes International Award for Research. In 1996 he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Würzburg in Germany. From 1980 to 1983 he was president of the British Clinical Genetics Society.

He is a member of the Scottish Arts Club and his interests include marine biology, writing poetry and painting on oils.

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