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George William Balfour

Born  1823
Died  1903

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British physician, born May 2, 1823; died August 9, 1903, Colington, Edinburgh county.

Biography of George William Balfour

George William Balfour obtained his medical doctorate in 1845 and subsequently received further education in Vienna and Edinburgh, becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians at the latter university in 1861. He worked in the Royal Infirmary.

Balfour translated Johann Ludwig Casper’s (1796-1864) Praktische Handbuch der gerichtlichen Medizin (2 volumes, 1856), and Heinrich Irenaeus Quincke’s (1842-1922) Krankheiten der Gefässe. (in: von Ziemssen’s Handbuch der speziellen Therapie, Leipzig 1876-1879).


  • On homeopathy in Vienna. 1846.
  • An introduction to the study of medicine. 1847.
  • Clinical lectures on diseases of the heart and aorta.
    London, J. & A. Churchill, 1876.

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